Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Are the Benefits of Hosting K12 Classes Over the Cloud?

Cloud computing is one of the latest technologies that internet users around the world utilize to easily manage and deliver webinars, meetings, events, and classes online. It lets you access courses, classes, and training programs at anytime and from anywhere across the globe. Organizations find cloud computing extremely user-friendly, as it provides flexibility and offers cost-effective ways to arrange events and corporate training sessions online. Many K12 educational institutes are also leveraging cloud computing techniques to offer 24X7 learning opportunity to their potential pupils.

Let's now discuss some of the key benefits of hosting K12 classes over the cloud.


Cloud-based K12 classes offer flexibilities to both the class organizers and the learners, thus making the learning process enchanting. Educators as well as the prospective students can easily access catalogs, class schedules, examination details, and evaluation sheets 24x7 by using internet and mobile devices. School or college staff can access the files and registration or payment data easily, even when they are working from their home or outside office hours. Moreover, flexible, Cloud-based applications can be easily expanded or scaled down according to your business demands.


You don't have to learn high-end programming to conduct classes via a Cloud-based class registration and management solution. Any non-technical person can start organizing courses or training programs using such online software's.

Cost-effective System

Cloud computing is often lower cost and less labor-intensive than using pen and paper to run a class. An online and automated class registration system helps organizations save money that would have been used on buying papers and renting staff in case a manual procedure was followed. Cloud-based nature of the solution ensures that you don't have to buy any costly software or hardware. Hence, organizing K12 classes using the cloud computing technology will help you conduct courses/trainings at a limited budget.

Unlimited Storage Facility

Cloud-based applications offer unlimited storage capacity compared to a hard drive or floppy disk. Not only small institutes, but large-scale educational organizations can also use Cloud-based services to store valuable data securely without paying any monthly fee. Besides, such applications lead to the automatic updating of the central database of records, leading to the smooth running of your daily administrative work.


Online services are environment-friendly, as they help in reducing the use of paper. Moreover, even a huge multinational organization like Microsoft has stated about how cloud computing can reduce an organization's carbon emissions by as much as 30% since businesses don't need to maintain a huge server - they can pay for the software or solutions that they use.

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