Sunday, December 25, 2011

How Can You Still Play Sports in Cyber School?

An uncharacteristically sunny day in October; A tennis tournament in Pennsylvania, approximately 8:30 a.m. Third and final set in a semi-finals tennis game.

If we just get this one last point we will make it to the finals.

The other team serves the ball to me. I messed up. Shoot!

If we miss this point then the other team has a good chance at catching up and winning.

She serves to my partner. My partner hits the ball. It goes down the alleys. The other girl sprints to the ball. She's so close. She...She...Missed it!

My tennis partner and I have just made it to the finals and knocked out a really good team!

That was one of those moments that I don't think I'll be forgetting anytime soon! It was an awesome moment where my tennis partner and I got to the finals in a tennis competition. The funny thing is that this was both our first year on varsity and our first time in a competition that a lot of our competition had been to a couple years now. We weren't even seeded! We were definitely the upset in the competition.

Sadly we lost in the finals, but we still got medals! So really we won. Also the girls we played against in the finals were very nice, and so we were happy for them even though they beat us.

Sports have a funny way like that. They teach us tremendous lessons in life; Lessons like how to accept defeat, how to work with a team, how to have confidence in your abilities and how to keep a clear head in the midst of desperation. This is especially prevalent in sports like tennis, golf or volleyball where strategy is about 95% of the game.

I've always played sports, whether it is soccer, cheer leading, lacrosse, volleyball or gymnastics. Many of the ones I played not being very competitive or long, but they are all things I've tried. Without sports I would be different. I wouldn't have learned how to work with a team or even have as much confidence as I do now (just a side note confidence is actually an extremely important part of sports that not many people think of).

Sports can be an important part of young life. So the question is can you still play sports when you are doing cyber school? The answer (in most cases) is yes! This year I was able to play tennis even though I am in cyber school. It's helpful that I am in a cyber school through the school that I played for, but even if that's not the case you can still usually play sports for a school district.

Of course some schools may have different rules for this, but every school I have come in contact with welcomes cyber school and home school students to play on their sports teams and get involved.

The only problem that doing sports in cyber school can put you out of the loop on cancellations, delays and other things they announce in school. I would call the school a lot asking them if they had heard if tennis was cancelled or not due to rain. I expected them to one day pick up the phone and say, "No Kelly, there is no practice today."

It wasn't way too big of a problem, but one time I did come late to a practice. You see it was a game day and raining. So I called the school and they told me the game was cancelled, but apparently sometime after I called there was an announcement that we would still be having practice because the rain had stopped. Long story short I got there, and then about ten minutes later they cancelled it because it had started to rain again.

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