Sunday, January 15, 2012

Three Ways Parents Can Help Students Get Better Test Scores

As a kid in grade school I remember my father telling me to go to my room and study. Which for me meant going to my room and playing video games. As a parent we often pin the future of our children on every test that they take in grade school. We have all felt that if our students could simply get better grades they would have a brighter future than we had. While their future success in life is not likely riding on the line with every test, every test is still important.

Kids today balance a demanding schedule of after school activities like band practice, sports, and time with their friends. Without pushing your kids away or asking them to trade their social life or other activities for a better GPA you can help them get better grades with these 3 tips.

1. Help them prepare their study area. You'll be surprised at how quickly they want to take over this task for themselves. If you set aside one half hour of study time a day and help them prepare their study area for that time period it will be an effective and efficient study time. Some of the things you should help them get together for their study area is some soft background music, a drink of water and a lite, non-messy snack. Every student will enjoy getting their lite snack and their own music ready. You'll need a clean and quiet area with enough space and good lighting.

2. Teach them to map out two concepts maximum for each half hour study session. Every student has a tendency to try to cover an entire subject in one sitting. Parents can help their students identify which two topics to cover. Breaking the study session down into two specific concepts instead of entire subjects will help the student retain the information they study. The more the student retains from each study session, the easier it is for them to pick up their books for the next study session.

3. Help them keep a routine. Consistency is the key to success in weight loss, business and test scores. One half hour every night at a similar time will help your student develop a pattern and pretty soon they'll begin to start their study routines without your prodding.

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