Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homeschooling High School and College

Many people do not realize that colleges are recruiting homeschoolers. We often think that because we are homeschooling, we are pretty different and unusual. We wonder how we are going to convince the colleges that they want our children. It usually ends up being the other way around. Colleges are looking for homeschoolers, although they find us a little hard to locate.

If you look through your homeschool magazines you will find ads that are placed there by colleges. If you're on Facebook, you will see advertisements for colleges that want your homeschool kids. They are everywhere.

One of the ways to ensure colleges will recruit you is to tell them that you're a homeschooler. The easiest way to tell them is to have your child take the PSAT when they are a sophomore or a junior. It will ask them what their high school is, and you can have your child enter the homeschool code. Colleges will begin to send your child mail, telling them that they want them at their college.

Visiting colleges will become vital as the colleges start approaching you. It is critically important that you take your high school students to visit the colleges where they think they might attend.

Colleges change over time. I remember talking with one of my friends about the college that my children were attending and how my son had organized a Jane Austen themed dance. She was just shocked because when she went to that same school nobody was allowed to dance. This particular college had changed over time.

Even though I have been so happy with the college experience of my children, our college will also change over time. Even if you know the reputation of the college, you will still want to visit it because it can change. Even if it has been good in the past, it can change into something you don't appreciate. On the other hand, you may go for a visit and find out you like it even more.

You really can't tell everything about the college by looking at the college brochure. You certainly want to read everything you can about the college to see if it's even worthy of a visit. If you think it may be a good fit for your child, then you definitely want to visit to make sure what you have read is true.

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